The Development Center

Personal Development

As part of our work in personal development we offer individual psychotherapy, couples and group therapy, and personal growth groups. Our goal is to help men and women achieve their full potential and to live meaningful, joyful, and productive lives.

In psychotherapy — with individuals, couples and groups — we pay attention to intrapsychic processes, interpersonal relationships, and cultural influences. We work with adolescents and adults to help them gain insight, overcome personal difficulties, and recognize themselves as unique and valuable human beings. Our therapy with couples is designed to help them establish deep and respectful relationships in which both partners know they are loved.

Groups for psychotherapy and personal growth provide safe environments in which men and women are able to tackle interpersonal relationships as well as other difficult issues of living.

All of The Development Center's psychotherapists are licensed psychoanalysts. They have practiced in the field for many years and bring to each individual a vast reservoir of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.