The Development Center

Because Complex Problems Require Thoughtful Solutions

Our Approach

The Development Center works in the areas of leadership and organizational development. Our work is distinguished by its in-depth perspective, which accelerates lasting change.

We work in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. To this we bring experience with a variety of cultures. For large projects we have a cadre of consultants that we call on to help clients meet their leadership and organizational goals.

Our approach recognizes that for people or organizations to change or grow it is necessary to work with systems and beneath the surface. This perspective unleashes the motivations of individuals and organizations for effective change and directly addresses obstacles to growth.

Practice Areas

For a two-page printable summary of what we do click here.

Leadership Development

This practice area focuses on the development of senior and future leaders. The majority of our work is with senior leaders with broad leadership responsibilities or high potentials to help them prepare for major work roles. We do this through one-on-one and group coaching, on boarding, and organizational role analysis. For organizations we design and deliver customized development programs, experiential learning models, working groups, and coach teams for effectiveness. The Development Center also offers a broad range of workshops and lectures on leadership that are open to the public. Learn more.

Organizational Consultation

This practice area partners with organizations and their leaders to increase organizational capacity and effectiveness. Our areas of expertise include organizational analysis, organizational and cultural change, and strategy. The Development Center also works with leaders to design, build, and lead high performance teams that surpass organizational goals. Learn more.

Personal Development

This practice area works directly with men and women, couples, and families. Our goal is for people to increase their emotional capacities and become effective in all areas of their lives. We do this through the practice of psychotherapy and educational groups events. Learn more.