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Comprehensive Coaching™

Executives often ask themselves:

A comprehensive approach to coaching is multidimensional. It encompasses the executive who leads, the society’s expectations of the field, the position one holds, and the site in which one works. By working with the covert and overt aspects of each of these and their interrelationships, an executive is able to develop and execute effective leadership strategies and styles. In taking up a role, executives begin to make strategic work decisions that achieve the maximum results with the minimum effort. Through clarity of purpose, leaders are able to focus on what is important, navigate political systems, use their talents and skills in the organization’s service, and meet and often surpass goals.

The four areas that are integral to Comprehensive Coaching are:

The Person
Who are you?

Your Field/ Profession
What are society's expectations of your field and persons in it?

Your Position
Where are you located in the organization and what are you expected to accomplish?

Your Organization
What is your workplace and its environment like?

This coaching approach is effective with individuals, teams, and groups.

by Frances Unsell